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   Jeddah Shipchandler Est. is your shipchandlery suppliers in all Jeddah Islamic ports & terminals.
  We supply and source wide range of supply services at one stop from provisions, Ship sapre,bunkering Services and surveying services.
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Jeddah Shipchandler Est.

Jeddah Shipchandler Est. is a long established and experienced leading supplier of ships stores to the marine industry. We provide stores, marine equipment, goods and services to cargo and container vessels,oil tankers, commercial shipping, cruise and passenger liners, ferries, super yachts, fishing vessels, local inshore coasters and dredgers, and naval military vessels. Do you need ships stores? Then you need Jeddah ShipChandler Est Ships Chandlers. From our base in Jeddah Docks, , we supply stores to ships in all the Jeddah Islamic ports. Our extensive network of local, national and international suppliers gives us the ability to supply at short notice any required stores and equipment, providing a valuable service to our clients .

Food supply

Jeddah Ship Supply

If you are looking for a reliable ship chanlder in the Saudi / Jeddah ports you are in the right place ,JSS is your right choice in the area.

Ship Provisions


our supply services covers all jeddah ports Jeddah Shipchandler Est is your trusted shipchandlers in Saudi .

Fresh Veg and Fruits

Fresh and Frozen

We are specialist in the supply of foodstuffs, both fresh and preserved (frozen or canned).

Ship Spares

Transit Ship spares and Logistic Services

We ensure safety and quality when supply equipments. Our team is ready to supply you vessel needs for deck ,engine spares avail in Jeddah marine stores like range of rubber hoses, lubricants, brushes & paing rollers, portable electric drills, stainless steeel pipes, valves and pnueumatic tools and more.

Jeddah Shipchandler Est.

You are invited to try our services

Why would you choose us? It is simple. We stand behind our work and our word. Responsible, efficient and flexible business practices, dedicated and experienced staff and competitive prices. You can rely on our quality and 24/7 services! .

Jeddah Supply Team!

we are ready to assit in your supply need Fish, Poultry, Beef, Vegetable, Wild Fruit, Ice Cream, Bakery and Breakfast Products, Eggs, Pasta, Butter, Cakes, Puff Pastry. also kitchen needs like Pans, Pots, Ladles, Knives, Boards, Tableware, Cookware, Serving Equipment, Glasses, Dishes, Tongs, Blenders, Mixing Tools, Bowls, Mincers, Rice Cookers, Hot Plates....etc ..

We have all the commitment, enthusiasm and experience that a good ship supplier needs, alongside this we are also striving to show ourselves as something a little different, a company with a vision for ship supply that means doing the best we can, whatever it takes, to provide the customer with what today’s shipping business needs.